Omsk State Agrarian University (OSAU) is the higher education, research, and methodological center for agriculture in Omsk region. OSAU was founded in 1918. The first name was Omsk State Agricultural Institute. In 1994 this Institute was reorganized to Omsk State Agrarian University joined Omsk State Veterinary Institute and Institute of Agribusiness and Continuing Education. OSAU is one of the biggest institutions of higher agricultural education in Russia. Over 60,000 specialists were prepared by OSAU during 80 year of existence.

At this time there are 9 faculties and 2 institutes in OSAU.

Academic Staff (1997-1998 academic year)

Rank Number
Docents (Associate professors)273
Assistants (Assistant professors)317
Total Full-time Academic Stuff holding Ph.D.:356
Total number of support personnel:1406


Total Student Enrollment (1996-1997 academic year)

Men 4273 Women 3625 Total 7898

Total number of full-time students: 4816

Total number of students by correspondence: 2977

Total number of postgraduate students: 105

Principal Degrees:

Specialist (5 year)

Candidate of Science (equal to Ph.D.)



Agricultural Engineering Faculty was established in 1950. Anatoliy A. Solovyev, Dean of Faculty

Number of departments: 8
Number of staff: 53
Total number of students: 709
Majors: Agricultural Engineering, Service and Exploitation of Agricultural Machines

Agronomy Faculty was established in 1918 Victor S. Tarakanov, Dean of Faculty

Number of departments:12
Number of staff:94
Total number of students:1165
Majors:Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Sciences, Agronomy, Forestry, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Horticulture and Vegetable Production.

Animal Science Faculty was established in 1929 Sergey F. Savchenko, Dean of Faculty

Number of departments:6
Number of staff:35
Total number of students:630
Major:Animal Science

Economics Faculty was established in 1930 Vitaliy S. Petsevich, Dean of Faculty

Number of departments:5
Number of staff:55
Total number of students:1525
Majors:Accounting and Audit, Economics and Management of Agricultural Industry

Food Processing Faculty was established in 1930 Vladimir L. Ivanov, Dean of Faculty

Number of departments:3
Number of staff:29
Total number of students:521
Majors:Milk Production

Land Use Planning Faculty was established in 1921 Vadim V. Badera, Dean of Faculty

Number of departments:6
Number of staff:61
Total number of students:824
Majors:Applied Geodesy, Land Cadastre, Land Use Planing, Urban Cadastre

Natural Resource Engineering Faculty was established in 1929 Ivan G. Muravskiy, Dean of Faculty

Number of departments:5
Number of staff:34
Total number of students:474
Majors:Conservation and Land Improvement, Hydrology Engineering

Faculty of Humanities was established in 1995 Natalia K. Chernyavskaya, Dean of Faculty and Pro-rector for Humanities

Number of departments:6
Number of staff:71
This faculty doesn’t award degrees.

Institute of Veterinary Medicine was founded in 1920 Gennadiy A. Khonin, Director of Institute

Number of departments:24
Number of staff:192
Total number of students:1945
Major:Veterinary Medicine

Institute of Continuing Education was founded 1992 Sergey V. Chusov, Director of Institute

Number of departments:3
Number of staff:8
This institute gives special courses for specialists of agriculture and farmers.

University also has three research and production farms (total area - 31254 hectares/77178 acres) with meat and dairy cattle, pig farms and seed production stations.

There are 31 research and teaching laboratories, 19 teaching laboratories in OSAU, the University Library, 4 Museums ( Historical Museum, Soil Museum, Museum of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Museum), the Publishing House, the Botany Garden, greenhouses, orchard, mechanical shop, construction shop and others.



Omsk State Agrarian University have 8 major education, research and office buildings, 9 lab buildings and 15 dormitores (approximately 5000 students may be accommodated in these dormitores). There are Center of Cultural Activities, Sport Center, Health Center, Food Service and 2 shops on campus.


All information was prepared by International Office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Address and telephone data

Main address of Omsk State Agrarian University

Street: Institutskaya pl., 2
City, Postal codes: Omsk, 644008
Country: Russia
Telephone: +7 (3812) 651146
Fax: +7 (3812) 651735

Rector: Nikolay M. Kolychev
Telephone: +7 (3812) 651146

Pro-rector for Education: Vladimir A. Polevikh
Telephone: +7 (3812) 651735
Fax: +7 (3812) 651735

Pro-rector for Research: Vladimir N. Rusakov
Telephone: +7 (3812) 651054

Head of International Office: Victor M. Chernakov
Telephone: +7 (3812) 651072
Fax: +7 (3812) 651072